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The third of Tony Harrison's mystery plays was performed in All Saints' Church, Turvey, on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th October 2008.

Doomsday 2008

As soon as The Passion was over, everyone began asking about the third play – Doomsday.

Doomsday is the story of the events following the Crucifixion, starting with the Resurrection and continuing all the way to Judgement Day and the end of the world.

To quote Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, "There's nothing penultimate about this one… This, ladies and gentlemen, is the proverbial ‘it’."

Jesus and the devilsDespite ending with the Apocalypse, there was still room for humour – these plays were, after all, popular entertainment for the medieval masses. The ‘jobsworth’ Knights were still bickering, and Satan’s demons returned to harass the audience like true pantomime villains. Many of the other characters from The Nativity and The Passion also returned.

The music remained central, and similar in style to The Nativity and The Passion. Once again, Shaker hymns and medieval dance tunes rubbed shoulders with more recent material by songwriters like John Tams and Richard Thompson and even some New Orleans jazz, all given a strong, contemporary treatment by a large live band.

This was definitely not a “flowing robes and sandals” production and, true to the original National Theatre production, there was no backstage – all the “mechanics” of the production were on view, and the actors mingled with the audience. Once again the performers were a wonderful mix – most from Turvey but some from further afield. Some were experienced actors, some complete novices, with some well-known local faces in rather unexpected roles!

See the links on the right for a cast list and photographs of the production.

The band for Doomsday
The Band - Doomsday 2008