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The first of Tony Harrison's mystery plays was performed in All Saints' Church, Turvey, for the second time on Thursday 9th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th January 2014.

The next play, The Passion, was performed for the second time at Easter 2015.

The Nativity 2014

The Nativity story as never before presented (unless, of course, you saw the Turvey performance in 2006 or the 1985 National Theatre original)!

Turvey Mysteries came together in 2005 as a community theatre project to perform Tony Harrison’s acclaimed cycle of mystery plays. The first play in the cycle, The Nativity, was performed to a packed house in All Saints’ Church in January 2006. The cast and crew were all local volunteers, many of whom had never acted before. This was followed in March 2007 by the second play, The Passion, and in October 2008 by the final play, Doomsday. The performance of The Nativity in January marked the start of our second cycle. We must be gluttons for punishment – that’s the next three years planned out, then!

The star of Bethlehem, formed from the Butchers' swords

The Nativity isn’t just the Christmas story. Nor is it the flowing robes and sandals affair you might expect from an ordinary nativity play. In something like a “horrible histories” book brought to life, you’ll see villains, heroes, angels and demons. The world is created and almost destroyed. Its people are tempted, tested and finally given the gift of a tiny baby born in a stable. Along the way, there’s comedy, sword dancing, sheep stealing, power politics, murder and wet sponges. The Nativity is family-friendly, but is perhaps not suitable for very small children.

The language is sometimes medieval, sometimes modern – at times Shakespeare, at times Eastenders. As with the original National Theatre productions, the music is as important as the dialogue. Shaker hymns and medieval dance tunes rub shoulders with more recent material by songwriters like John Tams and Bob Dylan, all given a strong, contemporary treatment by a large live band.

So if you’re a bit Christmas-ed out by January, come along to The Nativity for an alternative view of the greatest story ever told. Boo the villains and cheer the goodies. Bring a hankie - you’re guaranteed to be moved to tears of one sort or another. Oh, and watch out for the wet sponges.

The Nativity was performed in All Saints’ Church, Turvey on Thursday 9th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th January 2014, at 7:30pm.

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